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The Grand Gifting Festival

The Grand Gifting Festival was a 7-day period where the rewards for participants who successfully referred new users on INDmoney were maximised! The campaign was built with the intention of gifting something that grew with time rather than perishable items like sweets and acquiring new users while increasing the brand’s awareness & visibility.

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The Challenge

The INDmoney US Stocks Referral program was reasonably popular among users. The user perception had to be changed to align with the spirit of gifting during Indian festivals.


The aim was for the experience to look unique from the rest of the application and resonate with the festive season.

The Approach

The project had to be built in a fashion that was synonymous with the way people gift. This meant that the act of choosing a gift, wrapping it and then sending it to their loved ones had to be replicated in this digital experience as well.

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Gifting: a process

Step 1: Pick a gift


Step 2: Wrap it up


Step 3: Send it to loved ones

Try it out!

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