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MiniSave helps you save and invest every day.

MiniSave is a sachet-investing product that allows users to make micro-investments in an instrument of their choice. Firstly, it helps to save ₹1,000 by rounding off expenses or making daily recurring deposits of small amounts, and then it invests this amount in the selected financial instrument.

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The Challenge

Users were having difficulty understanding the product and how its expense tracking worked. The maximum auto payment limit was often confused with the actual autopay amount.

Additionally, the lack of interaction was leaving users confused about saving and investing rules.

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The Research

Adequate data on user interaction and queries were accessible for this project, as MiniSave had been launched 76 days prior. This formed the basis of the research.

Key Insights
  • Out of every 100 visitors, only 1 would set up MiniSave.

  • User query volume for MiniSave was high in its early months.

  • Most users invested ₹50-₹200 daily.



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         How it works page         


             Selection page           


        UPI Autopay page          

Tests & Iterations
  • Based on foundational research pages and components were designed.

  • The design phase saw multiple iterations.

  • Each iteration was put under usability tests until satisfactory results were achieved.

Problems Identified

1   Typing a certain amount was putting decision fatigue.

Solutions to explore

1   An alternative input method could help.

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Problems Identified

1   Motivation to commit to daily investment was lacking          in participants.

Solutions to explore

1   Showing a long-term outlook on daily investing could          help motivate users.

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Problems Identified

1   ₹200 option was missed by most participants.

2   Most opted-in for Smart Save accidentally as they                confused it with a "terms & conditions" agreement              page.

Solutions to explore

1   A different layout for the amount options.

2   Smart saving and simple daily saving could be options        to choose saving rules before selecting an investment        instrument or amount.

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A slider to make more room for other elements and make the experience stand out from most digital interactions within the product.

Beautiful cards that explain how MiniSave works

A success page that gives an intuitive mental image of a user's MiniSavings

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A selector mechanism that gives a sense of long-term growth.

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Try it out!

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